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New research on victims of crime in Australia - Victims' needs, victims' rights

Author(s)Graycar, Adam
Title New research on victims of crime in Australia - Victims' needs, victims' rights
Source Australian Institute of Criminology Report, 1999.
Date 1999
Document type Research report
Coverage Australia
Summary This report examines the structure of victims services in each Australian state and territory and has been developed through an extensive literature review together with interviews and surveys conducted with the service providers. One of the main findings is that the structure of each state victims service has been developed as a state response rather than in a coordinated national manner and the development has varied considerably. The report also found that much of the growth activity in recent years has been by government and formal organisations but it was based on the advocacy and work of community victims groups. The report considers the provision of services including the type of service offered, coordination of services and availability. The service providers identified a number of needs and requirements of victims such as support, information, choices and a streamlined system that is easy to access. A number of areas for future directions are identified, including restorative justice, coordination and communication between service providers and public education and information regarding services and the criminal justice system.
Keywords Victims services; victim support; community groups; VOCS; VOCAL
Topic Service delivery