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Psychological assistance to victims throughout difficult trials

Author(s) Combalbert, Nicholas and Vitry, Michele
Title Psychological assistance to victims throughout difficult trials
Source International Journal of Law and Psychiatry (2007) 30 p467-471
Date 2007
Document type Journal article
Coverage France
Summary This article discusses assistance given by clinical psychologists in France to victims in difficult trials with strong media coverage such as manslaughter cases. The authors, using their own experience, present some of the issues and appropriate support that can be given, at the various stages of a court case: meeting with the victim at the beginning of the trial; during the hearing; and after the trial. The authors recommend that this type of psychological support is not systematic as it is not necessary for all victims but for certain people psychological assistance during the trial can be very beneficial, particularly if made in partnership with local victim aid organisations.
Keywords Victim assistance; court support; psychological assistance
Topic Service delivery; psychological effects and treatment