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Service Delivery


Victims of crime research report - Cairns region 2009
Anderson, Marilyn; Victims of Crime Steering Committee, Cairns Region; Research report; Keywords: Victims needs; service delivery; collaboration

Delivery of advice to marginalised and vulnerable groups: The need for innovative approaches
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Evidence and practice review of support for victims and outcome measurement
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An empowerment evaluation model for sexual assault programs: empirical evidence of effectiveness
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Psychological assistance to victims throughout difficult trials
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Victims' needs, victims' rights: policies and programs for victims of crime in Australia
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Building a service - the sun shines in South Australia
Dawson, Michael; New Zealand Victim Support Conference, Queenstown, 2005; Conference paper; Keywords: Service delivery; regional; expansion

Final report of the Reference Group for the Review of the Victims Services Scheme (VSS)
Department of Justice and Community Safety; Department of Justice and Community Safety , ACT 2006; Research report; Keywords: Victims services; ACT

Report on the effectiveness of services delivered by DOVE Hawkes Bay Inc.
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Empowering victim advocates: Organizing against anti-gay/lesbian violence in Canada
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Improving policy and practice responses for men sexually abused in childhood
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Accessibility of Pennsylvania's Victim Assistance Programs
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New research on victims of crime in Australia - Victims'  needs, victims' rights
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Police officer perceptions of a victim-services program
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Crime victimisation and police legitimacy: the importance of beliefs and experience
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We don't shoot our wounded: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims of family violence access to justice and access to services in the ACT
Holder, Robyn and Arabena, Kerry; Canberra: Victims of Crime Coordinator, 2009; Research paper; Keywords: Service delivery; Aboriginal

Relationship between two types of help seeking behaviour in domestic violence victims
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Victim Services program evaluation
Hollett and Sons; Department of Justice Newfoundland and Labrador , August 2003, pp 1-12; Research report; Keywords: Service delivery; program evaluation; stakeholders; information provision; training

Families of homicide victims: service utilization patterns of extra- and intrafamilial homicide survivors
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Keeping victims informed: service providers’ and victims’ experiences using automated notification systems
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Integrating the American criminal justice and mental health service systems to focus on victimization
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Victims of crime: Plea bargains, compensation, victim impact statements and support services
Johns, Rowena; Briefing Paper No 10/02 NSW Parliamentary Library Research Service June 2002; Research paper; Keywords: Compensation; counselling; services; entitlements; victim impact statements; rights; community groups

Across the divide: using research to enhance collaboration between mental health and domestic violence services
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Directors’ opinions about domestic violence and sexual assault service strategies that help survivors
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Intensive help for vulnerable people: applying case management models in the justice system
Ministry of Justice; Matrix Research & Consultancy; Ministry of Justice Research Summary 8/09 London May 2009; Research report; Keywords: Case management; coordinating services; support; justice

Victims’ Services Commissioning Framework
The Ministry of Justice, United Kingdom; The Ministry of Justice, May 2013, pp 1-68; Guidelines; Keywords: Framework; commissioning; outcomes; outputs; service delivery; needs

Help seeking among victims of crime: A review of the empirical literature
McCart MR, Smith DW, Sawyer GK; Journal of Traumatic Stress. 2010 Mar 24; Journal article; Keywords:Help seeking; service barriers; formal support; informal support

Mapping access and referral pathways for marginalised victims of violent crime in rural and regional Victoria
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Codes of ethics for victims services: an annotated bibliography
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Controversial and critical issues with crime victims: Current research begins to reconcile the debates
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Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs): Mapping a research agenda that incorporates an organizational perspective
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Meeting the training needs of those who meet the needs of victims: assessing service providers
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Project Roadmap: Charting a course for crime victims in Maryland
The National Center for Victims of Crime; The National Center for Victims of Crime, Washington DC February 2003; Research report; Keywords: Victims services; Maryland; victims needs

Best practices in child victim/witness programs
Ontario Victim Services Secretariat; Ministry of the Attorney General, Ontario Victim Services Secretariat; Workgroup Designs Inc; Research report; 2007; Keywords: Service delivery; witness support; best practice; Ontario; child victim; child witness; model

Understanding how advocates can affect sexual assault victim engagement in the criminal justice process
Patterson, Debra and Brenda Tringali; Journal of Interpersonal Violence, published online Oct 2014, pp. 1-11; Journal article; Keywords: Sexual assault; rape; victim advocates; criminal justice; Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner programs

Redefining justice: addressing the individual needs of victims and witnesses   
Payne, Sara; Ministry of Justice London November 2009; Research report; Keywords: Support; victims needs; witnesses

Women's experiences of violence and seeking help
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Victims in the criminal justice system: Joint Thematic Report on victims in the criminal justice system - Phase I
Scottish Government; The Scottish Government 2010; Research report; Keywords: Service delivery; victims needs; participation; criminal justice system; restorative justice

Lost in transition? The changing face of Victim Support
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The mentally ill as victims of crime
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Victims of stalking
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Addressing women’s victimisation histories in custodial settings
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Vision 21 Transforming Victim Services: Final report
U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office for Victims of Crime; Report; May 2013; Keywords: Victims support; future; capacity; assistance; technology; service delivery

Information and support needs of victims and witnesses in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria
Victims Support Agency; Victims Support Agency, Department of Justice, Victoria, 2013, pp1-28; Research Report; Keywords: Service delivery; court; victims; witnesses; criminal justice system; support; victim impact statements; information

More than windmills & four wheel drives: An interagency perspective on responding to crime in rural areas
Victim Support Service (South Australia); Conference paper September 2008.;Conference paper; Keywords: Rural; service delivery; criminal justice system

Effectiveness of victims of crime programs
Victorian Auditor-General; PP No 6, Session 2010-11, Victoria; Research report; Keywords: Victims support; victims assistance; charter

Are collaborations enough? Professional’s knowledge of victim services
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Victim Services Delivery: a comparison of rural and urban communities
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Mobilizing victim services: the role of reporting to the police
Zaykowski, Heather; Journal of Traumatic Stress; June 2014; Vol. 27; Issue 3; p 365-369; Journal article; Keywords: Victim services; police; victimization survey; help-seeking