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Victim services delivery: a comparison of rural and urban communities


Author(s) Yun, Ilhong, Samuel Swindell, and Glen Kercher
Title Victim services delivery: a comparison of rural and urban communities
Source The Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice,2009, Vol.6, No. 2, pp 145-162
Date 2009
Document type Journal article
Coverage Texas USA
Summary This study examines the differences in the service delivery available for crime victims in urban and rural areas. 370 directors of both criminal-based and community-based programs in Texas participated in the study. A significant finding was the difference in the number of types of services provided. Rural programs provided on average four fewer types of services than urban programs. It was also found that rural programs generally had lower annual training hours and received less grants, relying more on fund raising than urban programs. Results also demonstrated that 41% of urban programs were run by Community Victim Advocates (CVA) but CVAs represented only 10% of rural programs. Recommendations include funding schemes specifically geared towards rural programs and regular small regional conferences or training programs.
Keywords Rural; service delivery; community programs; Victim Assistance Coordinators; Victim Liaison Officers; Community Victim Advocates.
Topic Service delivery