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Are collaborations enough? Professionals' knowledge of victim services

Author(s) Vinton, Linda and Dina J. Wilke
Title Are collaborations enough? Professional's knowledge of victim services
Source Violence Against Women,2014, No 6, Vol. 20, pp. 716-729
Date 2014
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary The article states that a collaborative approach is necessary when it comes to responding to the needs of victims of domestic violence. These needs range from protection, food, clothing, health care, mental health services, legal assistance, education/job training and children's services. The study surveys 279 practitioners who are professionals in services that cater to these needs. The aim of the study was to see if service providers were aware of other community resources in order to make referrals for victims of domestic violence. The results from the survey indicated that organisations had limited knowledge of other services particularly in regards to specialised services that other organisations provided. Also it was found that organisations had different views on other service providers in regards to their service delivery. The overall outcome of the study indicated the need for more communication and cross training interagency approach, as the limited knowledge of what services are out there is not seen to be beneficial for victims seeking support for complex and multiple needs.
Keywords Domestic violence shelter; professional collaboration; resource referral; victim assistance; victim services

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