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Victims' Services Commissioning Framework


Author(s) The Ministry of Justice, United Kingdom
Title Victims' Services Commissioning Framework
Source The Ministry of Justice,May 2013, pp 1-68
Date 2013
Document type Guidelines
Coverage United Kingdom
Summary This framework was developed to provide clarity about securing outcomes for victims, advice and information on commissioning and to assist performance monitoring. Commissioning is defined broadly as deciding how to use the total resources available in order to improve users' outcomes in the most efficient, effective and sustainable way. Instead of measuring success against factors such as the number of victims using a service, success will be based on how a service supported a victim and the results of that support. It is recommended that services provide to victims should be targeted to those who have suffered the greatest impact from crime. To assist this eight categories of need are listed, including for example, mental and physical health, shelter and accommodation and drugs and alcohol. An outline is provided of a commissioning cycle plan, which starts with understanding the outcomes you want, identifying local needs and the resources and priorities you are working with. The next step is the plan where the effective, efficient and sustainable ways of addressing the needs of victims are mapped out. The third step is implementing the plan, followed by the review. Included in the framework is a sample victim and witness general fund end of year progress report, setting out what organisations should be reporting on.
Keywords Framework; commissioning; outcomes; outputs; service delivery; needs
Topic Service delivery