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Evidence and practice review of support for victims and outcome measurement

Author(s):  Callanan, Meg, Ashley Brown, Caroline Turley, Tom Kenny and Professor Julian Roberts

Title:  Evidence and practice review of support for victims and outcome measurement

Source: Ministry of Justice Research Series 19/12,November 2012, pp 1-79

Date: 2012

Document type : Research report

Research report

Coverage: United Kingdom



This review was conducted to assess needs of victims, the effectiveness of support interventions and it also explored outcome and quality measures. The study consisted of a literature review, in-depth interviews with victim sector experts, case studies of service providers and a workshop of service providers. From the review six categories of need were identified: information; safety; practical support; emotional support; assistance navigating the criminal justice system; and the need for respect and fair treatment. The approaches used by service providers to measure victim outcomes were explored and a number of implications for developing outcome-focused commissioning were identified. These included the important need of identifying appropriate realistic outcomes for the service, taking into account the capacity and infrastructure of the agency and increased training and support in research and evaluation techniques. Further research into best practice in relation to needs assessment is recommended.

Keywords : Needs; service delivery; criminal justice system; assessment; outcomes; measurement; quality


Topic : Service delivery