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​Seeking help for domestic violence: Exploring rural women’s coping experiences

Author(s) Wendt, Sarah, Lia Bryant, Donna Chung, and Alison Elder
Title Seeking help for domestic violence: Exploring rural women's coping experiences
Source ANROWS; 2015; Landscapes State of Knowledge Issue 04; p1-35
Date 2015
Document type Journal article
Summary This paper reviews the literature on the effects of social and geographical isolation on women who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Barriers to seeking help for women in rural and regional areas experiencing domestic violence are explored, such as limited access to services, reduced employment opportunities, financial issues, insufficient housing and limited public transport. Cultural factors are also identified, such as the higher levels of gun ownership in rural areas and contextual factors such as living in a farming or mining community. Women with disabilities and culturally and linguistically diverse women face additional challenges in rural areas. Service provision in isolated areas is explored, with particular attention to three common service delivery models: the hub and spoke, in-reach and outreach. In addition the use of technology based models was seen to be increasing with the utilisation of telephone and email counselling, chat rooms and video-conferencing. The authors conclude that there is limited research on the help-seeking activities of rural and regional Australian women experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault but it is clear that social and geographical isolation compounds their experience in seeking help and support.
Keywords Domestic violence; rural; remote; regional; social isolation; geographic isolation; sexual assault; service delivery; hub and spoke; in-reach; outreach.
Topic Service delivery; Domestic violence