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​Keeping victims informed: service providers’ and victims’ experiences using automated notification systems

Author(s) Irazola, Seri, Erin J, Williamson, Emily Niedzwiecki, Sara Debus-Sherrill and Jing Sun
Title Keeping victims informed: service providers' and victims' experiences using automated notification systems

Violence and Victims, June 2015, Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 533-544

Date 2015
Document type Journal article
Coverage United States
Summary The paper explores the awareness, use, and satisfaction of victims' and service providers' experience with automated notification systems. For the study surveys were distributed throughout all states of America, with 1,246 service providers and 723 victims of crime providing responses. The majority of service providers and victims who used automated notification systems reported being satisfied with the system. The main benefits of automated notification were found to be increasing victims' sense of safety and assisting victims make decisions about safety; helping victims feel empowered; and, improving victims' participation in the criminal justice system. Challenges in using the automated system were also identified through the survey and these included delayed or out dated notifications; inaccurate notifications; trouble with personal identification numbers; not enough or too many notifications; and difficulties using the website. A key recommendation from the service providers was that notifications begin at the time of the arrest and continue through to parole.
Keywords Notification; service providers; offender status; safety; SAVIN
Topic Service delivery