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Factors contributing to victims' satisfaction with restorative justice practice: a qualitative examination

Author(s)Armstrong, Jac
Title Factors contributing to victims; satisfaction with restorative justice practice: a qualitative examination
Source British Journal of Community Justice,2012, Vol. 10, Issue 2, pp 39-54
Date 2012
Document type Journal article
Summary Victims participating in Community Justice Panels completed 60 questionnaires and 35 semi-structured interviews in a qualitative study exploring victims' satisfaction with the restorative justice process. The author identified six categories of important contributors to the victims' perceptions of success and satisfaction with the restorative process. All participants stated that they thought the process itself was of great benefit to them and a significant majority expressed their satisfaction towards the final outcome. The majority felt that the restorative justice process was appropriated for their case and a significant majority indicated that they were well prepared for the Panel. Other significant contributors were perception of their own involvement in the process, the opportunities to interact with the offender and most participants indicated that it was important that the police were present during the Community Justice Panel. The final outcome of the panel was important to the victims, even when the Panel was unable to deliver the outcome desired by the victim. The author suggests that future assessment of victim satisfaction should use similar qualitative explorations.
Keywords Victim impact statement; VIS; satisfaction; Community Justice Panel

Restorative justice