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Restorative justice initiatives: public opinion and support in NSW 

Author(s)Moore, Elizabeth
Title Restorative justice initiatives: public opinion and support in NSW
Source Crime and Justice Statistics Bureau Brief, NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, February 2012, Issues paper no. 77, pp1-12.
Date 2012 
Document type Research report
Coverage NSW Australia
Summary The main aim of this study was to measure public opinion and support for restorative justice initiatives in relation to theft, vandalism and assault. In addition the author aimed to identify potential correlates of public sentiment towards justice initiatives. A telephone survey was conducted in 2011, resulting in 2,530 participants willing to be interviewed. Most of the survey items were drawn directly from the UK, Prison Reform Trust Study in 2011 which focused on community opinions of restorative justice in relation to theft/vandalism offences. It was found that overwhelmingly respondents agreed that offenders should be given the opportunity to do unpaid work in the community as part of their sentence and that victims should be given the opportunity to inform the offender of the harm done to them. The majority of the sample also agreed that victims should have a say in how offenders can make amends.   One of the recommendations from the study was to explore further why restorative justice initiatives are not seen as effective in preventing crime and a further recommendation was to improve public awareness of restorative justice initiatives which in turn could enhance victim attendance at youth justice conferences.
Keywords Restorative justice; Youth Justice Conference; juvenile offenders; public opinion.
Topic Restorative justice