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Victim-offender mediation in Sweden: Is the victim better off? 



Author(s)Jacobsson, Martha, Lottie Wahlin and Tommy Andersson
Title Victim-offender mediation in Sweden: Is the victim better off?
Source International Review of Victimology2012, Vol 18, No.3, pp 229-249
Date 2012
Document type Journal article
Coverage Sweden
Summary This study explores the interaction and communication between victim and offender in mediation meetings. A conversation analysis was applied to 25 recorded mediation meetings. The meetings were compared on victims' role-taking, conversation styles and positioning towards offenders and three categories of role-taking were identified. The moral victim was evident in seven mediations, and a characteristic was that they were in a dominant position and keen to influence offenders in a certain kind of way. The consensus-oriented victim was seen in three cases and a characteristic was the attempts to reach mutual understanding during mediation. The third category was composed of victims in opposition, in eight cases, where the discourse was symmetrical and competitive. One finding of this this study was that the benefit of mediation can be interpreted by victims in different ways, which influences whether victims are willing to participate in mediation meetings.
Keywords Mediation; restorative justice; conversation analysis; Sweden; victim/offender mediation

Restorative justice