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Conceptualizing victims' 'restoration' in restorative justice


Author(s)Boliver, Daniela
Title Conceptualizing victims' 'restoration' in restorative justice
Source International Review of Victimology, 2010, Vol.17, No. 4, p237-265
Date 2010
Document type Journal article
Summary In this article the author explores the concept of restoration in restorative justice literature. How the literature has defined restoration is considered, and the diverse definitions including restoration as a process, a theory of justice or as a set of processes, outcomes or values is discussed. Most of the definitions include a focus on harm. The restorative justice concepts of reparation, needs, restoration, healing, and empowerment are further explored. The five concepts relate to different assumptions about how harm is understood, how restoration can be achieved and the role of the victim. The literature regarding evaluations of the effect of restorative justice on victims is examined and a number of themes are identified, including satisfaction, and positive emotions such as peace, participation, sense of security The author concludes by bringing together the concepts of restorative justice using four approaches: consumer-logic, psycho-social, critical and humanistic approaches.
Keywords Restorative justice; victims; restoration; concepts

Restorative justice