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Victim-offender mediation in Canada

Author(s)Umbreit, Mark S
Title Victim-offender mediation in Canada
Source International Social Work ,1999, volume 42 (2), 215
Date 1999
Document type Journal article
Coverage Canada
Summary This article discusses the role of social workers in victim-offender mediation programs in Canada. Four community-based mediation programs were evaluated using a quasi-experimental design. A total of 610 interviews were conducted with participants in mediation over a three year period. The evaluations included assessment of client perception of participating voluntarily, client satisfaction, perception of fairness and fear of re-victimisation. One finding was that remaining upset about a crime was significantly less likely for victims who participated in mediation compared to those who were referred to mediation but did not participate. The study shows that the quality of justice experienced by many victims and offenders may be significantly improved through the expanded use of mediation programs. The author suggests further research is needed using more rigorous experimental design and longitudinal studies to assess the strength, durability and positive effects on both victims and offenders.
Keywords Victim offender mediation
Topic Restorative justice