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The justice of recovery: How the state can heal the violence of crime

Author(s)Mills, Linda G
Title The justice of recovery: How the state can heal the violence of crime
Source Hastings Law Journal Vol 57:457, 2005-2006
Date 2005
Document type Journal article
Summary The author suggests we need to rethink the roles victims perform in the criminal justice system and consider providing a more comprehensive range of options to facilitate their recovery from crime. It is important to be guided by the science of victimology, which offers a method of actually examining victims' interests and needs in relation to the offender and the crime, rather than simply theorising what victims may need or want. Victimology supports the notion that healing victims and offenders offers the greatest hope for preventing future crimes. The compatibility of the traditional structure and values of the criminal justice system with the broader need for victims to recover from crime is explored. The author proposes integrating restorative justice-based practices, such as victim-offender mediation and family group conferencing, with the existing structure of the criminal justice system.
Keywords Victim impact statement; sentencing; criminal justice system
Topic Restorative justice; Victim impact statements