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What to do with these victims?

Author(s)Lazaro, Joao, and Marques, Frederico Meyano
Title What to do with these victims?
Source British Journal of Community Justice, Sheffield, Summer 2008, Vol 6, Iss 2, p 93
Date 2008
Document type Journal article
Summary This article discusses restorative justice and the involvement of victims. The restorative ideology is outlined and the authors compare the role of the victim in conventional criminal justice systems where they play a marginal role resulting in disenfranchisement and the increased role in restorative justice. Research looking at the evaluation of victim-offender programs has been focused on economic parameters such as the number of case, cost of the cases and satisfaction of the participants, has been used as a means to justify the existence and the funding of the programs. It is suggested that research needs to look at how different victims, with experience of different crimes, felt before the conference and how they felt during, and after their participation in the restorative process. Other qualitative criteria such as the sincere regret of the offender, victim's feelings of revenge or fear, and if there were changes to an offender's behaviour need to be explored in future research.
Keywords Restorative justice; victims needs; victims rights; offenders needs; offenders rights; victim support
Topic Restorative justice