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Evaluation of the Northern Ireland Youth Conference Service

Author(s)Campbell, Catriona Devlin, Roisin, O'Mahony, David, Doak, Jonathan, Jackson, John, Corrigan, Tanya and Kieran McEvoy
Title Evaluation of the Northern Ireland Youth Conference Service
Source NIO Research and Statistical Series: Report No. 12, Statistics and Research Branch of the Northern Ireland Office. October 2005
Date 2005
Document type Research report
Coverage Northern Ireland
Summary This report evaluates the youth conferencing service in Northern Ireland, examining how it is working in practice, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the current system and determining if it is meeting its stated objectives and anticipated outcomes. For the report observation and structured interviews were employed, examining the referral process, the preliminary stages of the conference, including the position of victims and young people who declined to participate in a conference, the conference, the return of conference plans and orders. Detailed recommendations are included for areas of the conference service and further research is recommended around post conference perspectives, completion and revocation and recidivism.
Keywords Conferences; youth conferencing; victims
Topic Restorative justice