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Restorative justice, responsive regulation and social work

Author(s)Burford, Gale, Adams, Paul
Title Restorative justice, responsive regulation and social work
Source Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, Vol. 31, Issue 1 (March 2004), pp. 7-26
Date 2004
Document type Journal article
Summary The authors discuss two dichotomies within the social work profession: the relation between formal and informal helping and between care and control, or empowerment and coercion. The importance of Braithwaite's work, especially his (2002) book, Restorative Justice and Responsive Regulation, is discussed in depth, particularly in regard to conceptualizing the nature of social work in relation to these dualities. The authors contend that Braithwaite provides us with a way to understand the central dualities of social work in the context of restorative justice, including conferencing.
Keywords Restorative justice; social work; support
Topic Restorative justice