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​The effectiveness of restorative justice practices: a meta-analysis

Author(s) Latimer, Jeff, Craig Dowden and Danielle Muise
Title The effectiveness of restorative justice practices: a meta-analysis
Source The Prison Journal; June 2005; Vol 85; No. 2; p127-144
Date 2005
Document type Journal article
Summary For this study the authors conducted a meta-analysis of twenty-two studies reviewing thirty-five individual restorative justice programs to test the effectiveness of restorative justice practices. Four measurable outcomes linked to the goals of restorative justice were identified: victim satisfaction; offender satisfaction; recidivism; and restitution compliance. It was found that restorative justice was found to more successful at achieving these outcomes compared to traditional non-restorative approaches. Gaps in data were discussed and in particular the authors would have liked to add in data on the characteristics of the facilitator, and variables such as the criminal history of the offenders, the type of crime and the relationship between victims and offenders, but the data was not available in all the studies. The authors suggest future research is designed to overcome the self-selection bias of the participants.
Keywords Restorative justice; criminal justice system; safety; outcomes; recidivism; satisfaction
Topic Restorative justice