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​Restorative justice and substance abuse

Author(s) Shenk, Barb Toews and Howard Zehr
Title Restorative justice and substance abuse
Source Youth & Society; December 2001; Vol 33; No 2; p314-328
Date 2001
Document type Journal article
Summary In this article the authors discuss how the two fields of restorative justice and adolescent treatment can be brought together while staying true to the restorative justice vision. The concept and underlying values of restorative justice are explored and in particular the needs and obligations of all people connected to the offending behaviour are reviewed. The authors also point out that many offenders have been victims themselves and suggest there is an obligation for justice and treatment to address this trauma. It is proposed that focusing on harms, causes and obligations and by involving victims, offenders and community members restorative justice is able to break the cycle of shame and harm. Using restorative justice to treat substance abuse moves the focus from the offender alone to those who have been hurt by the abuse and what needs to be done to repair the harm.
Keywords Repairing harm; young offenders; substance abuse; restorative justice; community
Topic Restorative justice