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​Predicting participation in a victim-offender conference

Author(s) ​Paul, Gregory D
Title Predicting participation in a victim-offender conference
Source Negotiation and conflict management research; May2015, Vol.8, Issue 2, p100-118
Date 2015
Document type Journal Article
Summary This study tested a hypothetical model of participation in a victim–offender conference (VOC) which included offender-related outcome goals, victim-related outcome goals, process goals and information goals, while controlling for situational features such as severity of the offence and acceptance of responsibility by the offender. .Participants were university students who were asked to imagine they were the victim of a property offence and respond to questions for the study. It was found that willingness to participate in a VOC was a result of a motivation to help both the offender and oneself as the victim. The author discusses how the results of the study can be applied by representatives of restorative justice organisations to improve participation in VOCs, while being mindful of situational factors, personal factors and environmental factors affecting participation motivation.
Keywords Restorative justice; conference; victim-offender conference; motivation; goals