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​Reducing the harm of criminal victimization: the role of restitution

Author(s) Haynes, Stacy Hoskins, Alison C. Cares and R. Barry Ruback
Title Reducing the harm of criminal victimization: the role of restitution
Source Violence and Victims, June 2015, Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 450-468
Date 2015
Document type Journal article
Summary In this article the authors review the effectiveness of restitution in restoring victims both financially and emotionally. Victim restitution programs in the USA are examined, looking at their design, the relevant legislation, and how they operate. The article also reviews the information available on each state's website about restitution. The authors conclude that restitution is not meeting victims' needs, partly because victims do not know the programs exist and operational difficulties in receiving payments. Suggestions for reform are made, based on the Restitution in Pennsylvania Task Force report (2013), including the development of toolkits for judges, standardised policies and creation of restitution funds. Directions for future research are discussed and it is recommended that there is an examination of the best ways to implement restitution and the effects of restitution on the psychological wellbeing of the victims.
Keywords Restitution; reparation; restorative; financial compensation
Topic Restitution