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Weighting justice: constructing an index of access to justice

Author(s)Gramatikov, Martin and Laxminarayan, Malini
Title Weighting justice: constructing an index of access to justice
Source Tilburg University Legal Studies Working Paper No 18/2008
Date 2008
Document type Working Paper
Coverage The Netherlands
Summary The study and comparison of the cost and quality of paths to justice could be facilitated by the construction of a composite index. Indexes allow several indicators to be summarised into one numerical score and comparisons can be made among countries, or pathways, or over time. This paper reviews the Access to Justice Index with a focus on measuring paths to justice. The experiences of the users of justice are measured against three indicators: the cost and the quality of the procedure and the quality of the outcome. The importance of the indicators is expressed through the process of weighting. The authors discuss the types of weights that can be added and the advantages and disadvantages of weighting the items and some examples of applying weights are given. Two models of weighting, stated preferences and extracted association weights, are examined.
Keywords Access to justice; measuring access; legal indexes
Topic Research methods