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​The database of victimisation experiences

Author(s) Fuller, Georgina
Title The database of victimisation experiences
Source AIC Reports; June 2015; Technical and background paper 60; p 1-31
Date 2015
Document type Research report
Summary In this article the author discusses the development of a database of victimisation experiences (DoVE). The aim of DoVE is to support researchers examining the direct and indirect experiences of victims of specific violent crimes and the social, psychological and developmental factors that could impact on the severity of the victim's post incident experience. Data was obtained from de-identified medico-legal reports submitted by applicants claiming victims' compensation in New South Wales. The final sample consisted of 730 cases, of victims' experience of domestic violence, physical assault, sexual assault and robbery, as reported to the authorised report writer. The data contains information about a victim's functioning prior to and after an act of violence, and some information about the act of violence and the offender. A framework was designed using NVivo 10 analytical software to allow flexibility with identified themes for the use of future researchers.
Keywords Victimisation; research; database; medico-legal reports; NVivo.
Topic Research methods