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Trial of interpersonal counselling after major physical trauma

Author(s)Holmes, Alex, Gene Hodgins, Sarah Adey, Shelly Menzel, Peter Danna, Thomas Kossmann and Fiona Judd
Title Trial of interpersonal counselling after major physical trauma
Source Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry,Nov 2007, Vol 41, No 11,pp 926-933
Date 2007
Document type Journal article
Coverage Australia
Summary This article outlines the results of a randomised controlled trial of interpersonal counselling (IPC) applied as a universal preventative intervention after major physical trauma. Participants for the trial were selected from patients admitted to two trauma centres in Melbourne, Australia. Subjects were randomised to IPC or treatment as usual. The study found that completing a course of IPC did not ameliorate psychological distress after serious injury. It was also found that the combination of IPC and a past psychiatric history was an independent predictor of adverse psychological symptoms at 6 months. There was a high rate of therapy dropout which affected the interpretation of the results and challenged the practicality of universal multi-session interventions. The authors conclude by suggesting that a universal approach after major physical trauma is not supported by the evidence and a better treatment strategy is the monitoring of high risk patients.
Keywords Counselling; interpersonal; IPC; trauma; morbidity
Topic Psychological effects and treatment