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Introduction to group interventions for trauma survivors


Author(s)Foy, David W, Cynthia B Eriksson and Gary A Trice
Title Introduction to group interventions for trauma survivors
Source Group Dynamics: Theory, Research and Practice, 2001, Vol. 5, No 4, pp 246-251
Date 2001
Document type Journal article
Summary In this article the authors discuss the relevance of group therapy to trauma treatment and the support joining a group can give trauma survivors when coping with victimisation consequences such as isolation, alienation and diminished feelings. Three approaches for group therapies for adults with PTSD: supportive, psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural, are examined. The authors examine the literature for group therapy for children and adolescents exposed to trauma and the gaps in research are discussed. The authors conclude that for both adults and children there is no evidence supporting one particular model of group therapy over another. It is also pointed out that current group therapy studies are overrepresented by female samples and by childhood sexual assault survivors.
Keywords Group therapy; supportive group; psychodynamic; cognitive behaviour
Topic Psychological effects and treatment