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Treating sibling abuse families

Author(s)Caffaro, John V., and Allison Conn-Caffaro
Title Treating sibling abuse families
Source Aggression and Violent Behavior,2005, Vol. 10, Issue 5, p604-623
Date 2005
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary Using research interviews conducted with 73 adult survivors of sibling incest and assault, together with the authors' clinical experience, the authors discuss systemic family patterns and assessment implications. The authors conducted an in-depth interview study with twenty-nine adult survivors of sibling incest, twenty-six survivors of sibling assault and eighteen survivors of combined sibling incest and assault. The literature reports that sibling incest may occur three to five times as often as father-daughter incest. The authors discuss the difficulties in obtaining accurate data around sibling abuse, including the lack of acceptable criteria for determining normal childhood sexual exploratory behaviour. The authors examine the sibling abuse family configurations, including peripheral parent families and stepsibling abuse. Modification of traditional systemic approaches to sibling abuse assessment and treatment are explored in depth.
Keywords Siblings; abuse; families; children
Topic Psychological effects and treatment