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Psychosocial intervention for adults with crime-related PTSD

Author(s)Amstadter, Amanda B, McCart, Michael R and Kenneth J Ruggiero
Title Psychosocial intervention for adults with crime-related PTSD
Source Professional Psychology, Research and Practice, 2007, Vol. 38, No 6, pp 640-651
Date 2007
Document type Journal article
Summary Recognising that criminal victimisation tends to be associated with higher rates of PTSD than other traumatic events, the authors review the literature on PTSD treatment, particularly in relation to crime victims. Assessment tools are discussed, including general assessment issues such as the need to gather information about the victim's immediate needs and areas of risk for future victimisation. It is also recommended that initial and ongoing symptom-based assessment should be a standard component of assessment. Detailed assessment is given of the four main treatment modalities for PTSD: exposure therapy, cognitive therapy, anxiety management and psychoeducation. The authors also assess treatment packages, including CPT, PE and SIT. The authors conclude by recommending improved utilisation of interventions for PTSD such as through more effective and efficient methods of training.
Keywords PTSD; assessment; treatment; interventions; CPT; PE; SIT.
Topic Psychological effects and treatment