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The role of perceived social support in crime victimization

Author(s)Yap, Marie B.H. and Devilly, Grant J
Title The role of perceived social support in crime victimization
Source Clinical Psychology Review Vol 24, 2004, pp1-14
Date 2004
Document type Journal article
Summary The main objective of this article was to explore the role that social support (SS) and perceived social support (PSS) in particular, play in victims of crime. A review of literature provides the current status of understanding regarding SS. The second part of the article examines the implications of applying the current status of understanding of SS to victims of crime. In particular the authors discuss the temporal dimension of PSS, victim status, which takes into account a victim's history of victimisation, and PSS-victimisation relationship. It is found that there has been little research into the dynamic perspective of SS and victim status but findings from SS research in general are instructive. It is suggested that among other factors of interest, the victimisation and trauma history of the victim, as well as the individual's changing perceptions of available support, need to be considered together.
Keywords Trauma; social support; stress; victimisation
Topic Psychological effects and support