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Clinical forensic medicine - management of crime victims from trauma to trial

Author(s)Sharma, B.R
Title Clinical forensic medicine - management of crime victims from trauma to trial
Source Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine (2003), Vol 10 p267-273
Date 2003
Document type Journal article
Summary This article discusses the role of forensic physicians in the assessment and management of crime victims. The specific responsibilities, such as investigation of the trauma, preservation of evidence and investigation of wound characteristics are discussed in detail. It is pointed out that correctly recognising and describing injuries can support the testimony given by victims in the courtroom. The importance of training and adherence to standards, such as procedures for identifying abuse victims and the collection of evidence is emphasised. The article also considers other healthcare workers who may perform a forensic role, such as nurses and ambulance and rescue workers. The author concludes by suggesting that clinical forensic medicine is evolving in response to the sequelae of criminal and interpersonal violence.
Keywords Trauma; forensic medicine; continuity of care
Topic Psychological effects and treatment