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Crisis intervention with victims of violent crimes

Author(s)Roberts, Albert R. and Green, Diane
Title Crisis intervention with victims of violent crimes
Source Victims of Crime ed Robert Davis, Arthur Lurigio and Susan Herman. 3 rd edition, Sage Publications, 2007 pp255-265
Date 2007
Document type Book chapter
Summary This chapter discusses the aims of crisis intervention, including the early resolution of acute stress disorders with an ultimate goal of bolstering current coping and problem solving abilities, and reinforcing strengths and protective factors for individuals. Crisis theory is examined and it is suggested that crisis theory offers a framework to understand a victim's response to crime. The chapter examines innovations, best practices and the application of Robert's Seven-Stage Crisis Intervention Model (R-SSCIM) with crime victims.
Keywords Support; initial impact; stress management; service providers; victims needs
Topic Psychological effects and treatment; service delivery