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Modeling the mental health effects of victimization among homeless persons

Author(s)Perron, Brian Edward, Alexander-Eitzman, Ben, Gillespie, David F, and David Pollio
Title Modeling the mental health effects of victimization among homeless persons
Source Social Science & Medicine Vol 67, 2008, pp1475-1479
Date 2008
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary This study was the first to examine the associations between victimisation, perceived safety and depressive symptoms among a homeless population. The purpose of the study was to examine the association between victimisation and depression and test whether this association is mediated by perceptions of safety. The structural equation model developed showed that non-physical victimisation had a significant direct effect on depressive symptoms while physical victimisation did not. The lack of significant direct associations between physical victimisation and depressive symptoms in a homeless population contrasts with previous research, and the study limitations are discussed. One of the limitations was that the participants were service-using homeless persons who had been diagnosed with a mental illness. It is not known whether the findings from this study can be generalised to the broader, homeless population, and further longitudinal research is recommended.
Keywords Homeless; mental health; victimization; safety; depression; mentally ill.
Topic Psychological effects and treatment