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Mental health service utilization by victims of crime

Author(s)New, Michelle and Berliner, Lucy
Title Mental health service utilization by victims of crime
Source Journal of Traumatic Stress, 2000, Vol. 13, No. 4
Date 2000
Document type Journal article
Coverage Washington State, USA
Summary This study focused on mental health service utilisation by crime victims eligible for compensation in Washington State. The costs of the mental health services program were also evaluated. The sample for the study consisted of 608 children and 318 adults and the large majority were victims of sexual assault or domestic violence. One result was that even when cost is not a factor, treatment-seeking victims obtain moderate amounts of therapy. For children it was equivalent to about 6 months of weekly therapy and for adults 3-4 months of weekly therapy. A substantial proportion of the victims only had a brief amount of therapy. Two variables found to be associated with both child and adult utilisations were sexual assault experiences and the diagnosis of PTSD. Limitations of the study were discussed, including the sample type and the reliance on information contained within the files.
Keywords Compensation; mental health; PTSD; sexual assault
Topic Psychological effects and treatment