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A brief introduction to the need for an incident recovery

Author(s)Devilly, Grant
Title A brief introduction to the need for an incident recovery
Source Victims of Crime Working Together to Improve Services conference, Adelaide May 2000
Date 2000
Document type Conference paper
Coverage Australia
Summary This paper proposes an academic and clinical intervention strategy which aims to address the mental health issues of victims of crime. The example of PTSD, due to its frequent outcome for victims of crime, is used to look at the epidemiology within the community at large. The author explains that in the 1980's it was thought victims of crime with PTSD needed long term psychoanalytic therapy but now it has been found that 80 to 90% can be successfully treated in 8 to 12 sessions. The paper discusses some of the new training available, notably a victims services course within the Department of Criminology at the University of Melbourne. The author proposes best practices should be utilised by service organisations incorporating the most effective treatments for crime victims which have been validated and delivered by those with contemporary and appropriate training.
Keywords Mental health issues; PTSD; psychological assistance; clinical intervention
Topic Psychological effects and treatment