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PTSD and depression following armed robbery


Author(s)Belleville, Genevieve, Andre Marchand, Marie-Helene St-Hilaire, Melissa Martin and Cidalia Silva
Title PTSD and depression following armed robbery: patterns of appearance and impact on absenteeism and use of health care services
Source Journal of Traumatic Stress,August 2012, Vol 25, pp 405-468
Date 2012
Document type Journal article

This study explores the occurrence of PTSD and major depressive disorder (MDD) in victims of armed robbery and evaluates the impact of PTSD on occupational functioning and the use of health care services. Participants in the study were victims of armed robbery, recruited from a major convenience chain in Canada, and assessments were made within days of the robbery and at one month and six months after the robbery. Six participants met PTSD criteria at the one month and/or six month assessment and these were compared with the fifty-nine participants who did not develop PTSD. It was found that the number of days of absenteeism related to the robbery and the number of medical visits was greater among individuals with PTSD. However, the prevalence of PTSD and MDD in this study is considerably lower than the reported prevalence of PTSD following exposure to a traumatic event in the general young adult population. It is suggested that victims of armed robbery may have specific protection factors preventing the development of PTSD and further study is recommended.

Keywords Armed robbery; employees; PTSD; post-traumatic stress disorder; major depressive disorder   
Topic Psychological effects and treatment