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Indian students in Australia: victims of crime, racism or the media?

Author(s)Spolc, Peter and Murray Lee
Title Indian students in Australia: victims of crime, racism or the media?
Source 20th ISANA International Education Conference, Canberra, ACT, 1 - 4 December 2009
Date 2009
Document type Conference paper
Coverage Australia

The researchers examined three aspects of media stories about Indian youth being the victims of student attacks in 2009: being victims of crime, victims of racism, and the impact of media reporting of those attacks. They found that the portrayal of Indian students as particular victims of crime was not soundly supported by recorded crime statistics, and there was little evidence of there being similar unreported crimes. There was similarly little evidence of Indian students as victims of racism, though racism and links to violent crimes cannot be regarded as beyond possibility. The researchers were also of the view that the media had propagated the idea of Indian students as victims of crime and racism, despite poor criminological evidence and amidst an abundance of evocative imagery. The researchers also assert that the media coverage led in part to recognition of other problems involving government departments, individuals, education providers and migration agents.

Keywords Victimisation, student, Indian, ethnicity, race, racism, media.
Topic Media; victimisation