'Newsmaking' criminology or 'infotainment' criminology?

Author(s)Buckingham, Judith I.
Title 'Newsmaking' criminology or 'infotainment' criminology?
Source The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology,Vol. 37, No. 2, 2004, pp. 253-275
Date 2004
Document type Journal article
Coverage New Zealand
Summary This article examines the role criminologists play in participating as experts in media constructions of crime and social control.   The author reviews and critiques preceding research into gender symmetry in domestic violence, and gender bias in the criminal justice system, and the ways in which the popular press in New Zealand has promulgated widely accepted views of domestic violence and criminal justice processes.  The article is critical of the perceived methodological shortcomings inherent in the 'inattention to context and insufficient knowledge of law and legal principles' relevant to gender inequality in sentencing outcomes.   The author contends that criminology reflects the conventions and commerciality of popular media in its 'infotainment' approach to newsmaking, and that there is bias in sentencing toward the care of children, rather than bias toward women.      
Keywords Gender; women; children; media; journalist; reporting; domestic violence 
Topic Media