News portrayal of violence and women: implications for public policy 


Author(s)Carll, Elizabeth K.
Title News portrayal of violence and women: implications for public policy
Source American Behavioral Scientist, Aug 2003, Vol 46, No. 12, pp 1601-1610
Date 2003
Document type Journal article


Summary This article reviews media coverage of rape and violence against women and discusses some of the implications of the reporting for the victims and for developing public opinion in the community. A number of recommendations are made to improve media reporting and promote positive change. It is suggested that news reports need to ensure that reporting of rape and assaults are not minimised and follow up coverage of the consequences and outcomes of violence against women is needed. It is recommended that more discussion is needed in the news of various aspects of domestic violence to prevent oversimplification and the news should be used to disseminate knowledge about available resources and to promote useful public policies. Further research is needed on the impact of news coverage on public policy and how messages could be crafted to promote positive social change.
Keywords Media; newspaper reporting; social change; public policy; mass media; domestic violence
Topic Media