The effect of arrest and imprisonment on crime

Author(s) Wai-Yin Wan, Steve Moffatt, Craig Jones and Don Weatherburn
Title The effect of arrest and imprisonment on crime
Source Crime and Justice Bulletin, Contemporary Issues in Crime and Justice, Bureau of Crime Statistics and research (BOCSAR) Number 158, Feb 2012
Date 2012
Document type Briefing Paper
Coverage Australia (NSW)
Summary This paper released by BOCSAR in NSW examines the impact of various aspects of the criminal justice system on recorded crime rates.  The researchers argue that some aspects of the criminal justice system have a greater impact on crime rates than others:  They assert that increasing arrest rates having a stronger impact on crime, followed by the prospect of incurring a custodial sentence.  They assert that the length of the custodial sentence has little impact on crime rates, despite some media assertions that longer custodial sentences are an effective deterrent.  As such, the authors suggest that associated crime prevention policies should focus more on increasing the likelihood of arrest and less on the severity of punishment.
Keywords Arrest, imprisonment, media, perceptions, crime rates.
Topic Media; Criminal Justice System