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Elder abuse in assisted living 

Author(s)Castle, Nicholas and Scott Beach
Title Elder abuse in assisted living
Source Journal of Applied Gerontology,2013, Volume 32, No. 2, pp248-267
Date 2013
Document type Journal article
Coverage Pennsylvania, USA
Summary This article examines elder abuse of residents in Assisted Living (AL) facilities by staff. Assisted Living consists of long-term care settings that typically provide residents with support for daily living activities and some instrumental activities. For the study questionnaires were sent to nurse aides in Pennsylvania and 832 nurse aides who had indicated that their prior place of employment was in AL completed the survey.  The survey covered seven categories of elder abuse: verbal, physical, psychological, caregiving, medication, material and sexual abuse. The study has a number of limitations, such as the subjective nature of the responses and the inclusion of unsubstantiated cases of abuse. It was found that high levels of abuse were reported for verbal, physical, psychological, caregiving, and medication abuse and material exploitation. In particular it was noted that verbal abuse in the form of yelling and insulting remarks from staff appeared to be an endemic issue and the authors suggest further qualitative research may be needed in this area. Very little sexual abuse was identified. The authors conclude by advocating that future focus on elder abuse in nursing homes be extended to include Assisted Living facilities.
Keywords Abuse; Assisted Living; nursing homes; survey.
Topic Elder abuse