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Assaults in the elderly - a population-based study with victim and perpetrator characteristics 

Author(s)Biermann, Teresa, Olga Dippel, Matthias Bergner, Jochen Keller, Claire Coffey, Wolfgang Sperling, Stefan Bleich, Johannes Kornhuber and Udo Reulbach
Title Assaults in the elderly - a population-based study with victim and perpetrator characteristics
Source Journal of Forensic Sciences,May 2011, Volume 56, No. 3, pp669-673
Date 2011
Document type Journal article
Coverage Bavaria, Germany
Summary The aim of this epidemiological population-based study was to explore characteristics of serious assault carried out by or on elderly individuals. Data for the study was collected by the police department in Bavaria Germany and for the sample only crimes of battery were extracted. The results of the study showed that serious crimes of battery were relatively low  in the elderly population sample of victims, with only 1.8% of the victims aged 65 years and over. Another interesting result was that elderly people were less likely to be victims of crime in public places in comparison with the younger population. It was also found that elderly people were significantly more often victims of a serious assault in rural areas. The authors suggest the findings from this study be taken into account in future studies in order to guide the development of effective preventive measures.
Keywords Elderly population; serious assaults; population-based study
Topic Elder abuse