APS investigation across four types of elder maltreatment

Author(s)Jackson, Shelly L., and Thomas L. Hafemeister
Title APS investigation across four types of elder maltreatment
Source The Journal of Adult Protection,2012 , Vol. 14, Issue 2, pp82-92
Date 2012
Document type Journal article
Coverage Virginia, USA
Summary In this study the authors review the investigation and response of adult protective services (APS) to elder maltreatment and the reasons for elderly victims to refuse service are further explored. For the research study interviews were conducted with 71 APS caseworkers from Virginia with a recent relevant case of elder maltreatment and 35 of the victims who were the focus of one of these cases. The cases of elder maltreatment were sorted according to financial exploitation, physical abuse, neglect, and combined financial exploitation and physical abuse. An additional data source for the study was the ASAPS database maintained by the Virginia Department of Social Services. From this database cases were selected that involved victims over the age of 59 where the abuse took place in a domestic setting, and not in an institutional setting. The study showed higher rates of refusal of services among physically abused elderly victims, suggesting a greater understanding is needed around why these refusals occur and how to engage with the victims to encourage acceptance of the services.
Keywords Elderly victims; adult protection services; APS; refusal of service; domestic violence
Topic Elder abuse