Elder abuse and oppression: voices of marginalized elders 

Author(s)Walsh, Christine A., Olson, Jennifer L., Ploeg, Jenny, Lohfield, Lynne and Harriet L. MacMillan
Title Elder abuse and oppression: voices of marginalized elders
Source Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect, Jan - Mar 2011, Vol 23, No 1, pp 17-42
Date 2011
Document type Journal article
Coverage Canada
Summary The purpose of this study is to explore the complex interrelationship between oppression and elder abuse. The forms of oppression discussed include age, gender, disability, race and culture, sexual orientation, and poverty. The authors conducted a secondary analysis of the Elder Abuse Study previously conducted, through examining the audiotapes from the focus groups. It was found that discussion of elder abuse in the focus groups interviews also generated talk about oppression, including the strong existence of ageism on the micro, meso and macro levels. Another important finding was that participants identified a lack of appropriate and sensitive health and social services for elders. The study was limited, particularly as oppression was not a topic specifically targeted in the focus groups, and further research is recommended, such as through individual interviews.
Keywords Elder abuse; oppression; marginalised; ageism; disability.
Topic Elder abuse