A path analysis on elder abuse by family caregivers:applying the ABCX model


Author(s)Lee, Minhong

A path analysis on elder abuse by family caregivers:

applying the ABCX model
Source Journal of Family Violence; Jan 2009, Vol.  24 Issue 1, p1-9
Date 2009
Document type Journal article
Coverage South Korea
Summary The purpose of this study was to investigate the ABCX model (Hill 1949, 1958), a conceptual framework based on family stress theory, as an explanation for elder abuse committed by family caregivers. Structured interviews were conducted with 279 family caregivers for older adults with physical or cognitive impairments in South Korea. The study was limited to physical abuse, psychological abuse and neglect as it was recognised that caregivers would find it difficult to respond to questions of sexual abuse and financial exploitation. The researcher suggested changes to gerontological practices to better understand, and respond to, this kind of elder abuse.  
Keywords Elder abuse, neglect, family, caregiver, stress, ABCX model.      
Topic Elder abuse