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Risk factors associated with elder ​abuse: the importance of differentiating by type of elder maltreatment


Jackson, Shelly L and Thomas L Hafemeister
Title Risk factors associated with elder abuse: the importance of differentiating by type of  elder maltreatment.
Source Violence & Victims; December 2011, Vol. 26 Issue 6, p738-757
Date 2011
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA 
Summary The purpose of this study was to compare risk factors across four predominant types of elder maltreatment: financial exploitation, physical abuse, neglect, and hybrid financial exploitation.   The researchers collected data from victims of elder abuse, caseworkers and third parties, and from a statewide database recording substantiated cases cases of abuse over a period of two years.   They found significant differences in the identified risk factors associated with elder maltreatment, and attempted to identify predictive risk factors in relation to both the elderly victim and the abusive individual.  
Keywords Elder abuse, risk factors, abusers, neglect, financial exploitation, maltreatment.
Topic Elder abuse