Judicial response to elder abuse

Author(s)Howze, Judge Karen Aileen and Jennifer L. White
Title Judicial response to elder abuse
Source Juvenile & Family Court Journal; Sep 2010, Vol.61 Issue 4, p57-76
Date 2010
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA 
Summary This article examines elder abuse that occurs within the context of an ongoing relationship of trust, including domestic partners, adult children and grandchildren, and caregivers. It considers the challenges faced by the courts, including lack of reliable data and research on elder abuse, the lack of laws and legal precedent, the often complex evidentiary challenges and issues of capacity involving community assumptions about age and aging. The article concludes by suggesting ways judges can better respond t o cases of elder abuse, in the court system, in the community and in individual cases. A key recommendation is that judges provide leadership for a coordinated service response.
Keywords Elderly; sexual assault; aged care; reporting mechanisms; elder abuse; judicial response; older women; nursing home.
Topic Elder abuse