A case-control study of severe physical abuse of older adults

Author(s)Friedman, Lee S., Avila, Susan, Tanouye, Kathy, and Kimberly Joseph
Title A case-control study of severe physical abuse of older adults
Source Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, March 2011, Vol. 59, Issue 3, pp 417-422.
Date 2011
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary For this study data was gathered from Chicago hospital trauma units over a seven year period and 41 cases of elder abuse resulting in severe traumatic injury were identified. It was found that elderly victims of severe traumatic injury were more likely to be female, had been assaulted with a wide variety of weapons and predominantly suffered injuries to the head and torso. It was also found that eight-five per cent of the perpetrators were family members. Using a control sample, the researchers concluded that the elderly victims of physical abuse suffer more severe injuries than non-abused and a disturbing finding was that many of the victims returned to the environment where they had been abused. The authors recommend more comprehensive interventions to be put in place and further research using larger studies.
Keywords Elder abuse; domestic violence; trauma; physical assault
Topic Elder abuse