Elder abuse and/or neglect literature review

Author(s)Fallon, Pauline
Title Elder abuse and/or neglect literature review
Source New Zealand Ministry of Social Development, January 2006
Date 2006
Document type Research report
Coverage New Zealand
Summary This report provides an overview of elder abuse and/or neglect literature, outlining what is known about the nature and scale of elder abuse, including characteristics of victims and offenders, identifying some risk factors and examining how it may be prevented. Elder abuse or neglect is difficult to define, involving a range of different behaviours, including physical, sexual, psychological and financial abuse and neglect. A brief overview of international responses to elder abuse has shown three themes emerging: a multidisciplinary approach; a commitment to prevention; and local community level responses. Future research is suggested to investigate the factors and circumstances that contribute to elder abuse and/or neglect in New Zealand and ways it can be prevented.
Keywords Elder abuse; multidisciplinary approach; prevalence; support
Topic Elder abuse