A review on the prevalence and measurement of elder abuse in the community


Author(s)Sooryanarayana, Rajihi, Wan-Yuen Choo and Noran H. Hain
Title A review on the prevalence and measurement of elder abuse in the community
Source Trauma, Violence, & Abuse,October 2013, Vol 14, No 4, pp316-395
Document type Journal article
Summary This study reviewed a selected 26 articles relating to elder abuse in order to identify the prevalence of elder abuse in the community and to provide possible explanations of the variance across prevalence estimates, methodology and tools used. Tables are provided comparing the studies and these include the type and location of study, the estimated prevalence of elder abuse, the measurement tools and instruments used, the method and the study subjects. The authors found that psychological abuse is the most common form of elder abuse, suggesting that the most obvious type of elder abuse may not be identified at a medical check-up. It was also found that psychological abuse was more prevalent in Asian countries. The issues of different definitions of elder abuse being used by researchers is discussed, including the terms used, the types of abuse considered and the age of the victims. Future research is recommended on the prevalence and factors associated with elder abuse and in the context of abuse, on detailed studies on each type of abuse, such as emotional, verbal, financial, neglect or physical abuse.
Keywords Elder; elderly; aged; mistreatment; maltreatment; prevention
Topic Elder abuse