The abuse of older men: implications for social work

Author(s)Kosberg, Jordan I.
Title The abuse of older men: Implications for social work
Source Australian Social Work,June 2009, Vol 62, No 2, pp 202-215
Date 2009
Document type Journal article
Summary This article explores reasons why older men have been understudied in social work literature and why they may be high risk for abuse. It is acknowledged that elder abuse mainly affects women but older men can be victims as well. Some of the reasons put forward to the lack of research in the abuse of older men are denial of the problem, with men underutilising community resources, a gender bias against providing services to men, and the propensity of men not to report abuse. The author identifies vulnerable groups of older men, such as men living alone, or in shelters and residential care facilities, or the homeless and those at risk of abuse by adult children, perhaps because of financial dependence or with a history of mental illness. Recommendations are made for social work education and practice that understands the older male victim of abuse, including identification, prevention and intervention.
Keywords Elder abuse; older male abuse; social work; interventions; risk factors
Topic Elder abuse; male victims